Wood TV Stands

Wood TV stands – competition for the first place on US market

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you Modular furniture "Elizabeth." Modules are executed in two colors "Nut dark" and "light maple." For the manufacture of window display used transparent glass facade, decorated with stained-glass elements facet. Contours stained metal elements delicately underlined mudding golden-bronze color, which gives the product a rich appearance. Furniture factory "Compass" has been successfully operating on the Italian furniture market pointed on all wide wood TV stands for over 11 years. Factory in the Italian market has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, functional, practical, and affordable furniture.

The furniture is made in series, which provides persistent storage program and reasonable prices. Firm constantly monitor the quality of all their products. Furniture has a certificate of conformity issued by the State Committee of Italy for Technical Regulation System. All the furniture is made of particle board (chipboard) production in US laminated thickness of 16 and 18 mm. All other wood TV stand can be divided onto several classes with lowest prices and also low quality.